An End to Domestic and Family Violence in Rural Communities

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Hare, Jessica
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Domestic Violence , Rural Population , Socioeconomic Factors
Domestic violence and family violence continues to be an issue on several sectors of our societal structure. Unfortunately for our country, this sort of violence affects our country’s development. Perpetrators and victims have proven to be an enormous financial stressor as it relates to local law enforcement, health care entities, and communities as a whole. Specifically, in rural communities, there are several barriers that isolate these communities from urban areas with appropriate resources. Domestic violence and family violence has proven to be a universal problem with very distinct socio-economic, cultural, and racial peculiarities. However, the issue of domestic and family violence is very prevalent in rural areas, where there is not much emphasis placed on providing rural communities with adequate and appropriate resources. Go Purple for Ending Domestic Violence (GPED-V) will aim to specifically target rural community victims and perpetrators by providing appropriate and adequate resources directly in their communities. The success of GPED-V will be measured by the number of clients that are served successfully and surveys completed by community partners and clients.