Traces: An Oral History of Lenoir-Rhyne College

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Oral History Class of 1977 (Lenoir-Rhyne College)
Adams, David M.
Bobak, Rodney John
Bright, Jeffrey A.
Gryder, William D.
Huff, Dr. Carolyn
James, Joanna
Miller, Billie J.
Miller, Donald A.
Partridge, Debby
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Lenoir-Rhyne University , LRU , Lenoir-Rhyne College , Oral History , Student Research
Excerpted from the Introduction: "This oral history study of Lenoir-Rhyne College’s past was the result of a number of fortunate circumstances. First, the History Department, after joining the North Carolina Institute of Applied History, worked to implement courses that would give students practical experience in 'doing history.' Oral history is one of these courses. Second, Associate Academic Dean Grant Hammond made the serendipitous suggestion that the oral history and archaeology classes combine in studying the history of the College. Third, a very outstanding class of History and American Studies majors, many of whom were seniors, indicated their interest in the applied history idea and subsequently registered for the Oral History class. Finally, the administration of the College gave approval and support to the project.... The thrust of the project was to be first toward preserving the irreplaceable recollections of the older alumni and second toward organizing chronologically the history of the College. Students spent the first six weeks of the semester learning oral history techniques and studying the available documentary work on the College’s history, then they began interviewing.... TRACES is a beginning of the oral history of Lenoir-Rhyne College."