Improving Vaping Knowledge Among Teens Through A School-Based Prevention Program

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Herrin, Stacey
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Research Subject Categories::INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AREAS::Caring sciences::Nursing , Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems , Vaping , Students
Background: The youth vaping epidemic has been a significant growing public health concern over recent years. Since 2014 teens and young adults have chosen e-cigarettes, also known vaping, as the primary method for inhaling nicotine in the United States (US) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2020) Purpose: The aim of this QI project was to improve teen education about the health risks of vaping utilizing a vaping knowledge survey and curriculum directed at middle-school-age teens ages 10-14 to improve their awareness of the associated risks of vaping. Methods: A controlled nonrandomized sample of 137 middle school students ages 10-14 who completed a vaping knowledge survey was used. The primary outcome goal was to utilize an easy-to-understand vaping prevention curriculum directed at middle-school-age students to improve their awareness of the associated risks of vaping. The secondary outcome goal was that student's attitudes toward vaping would change, resulting in a decreased likelihood that they would begin vaping. Results: A Wilcoxon Rank test revealed a statistical increase in knowledge gained by participating in an evidence-based vaping prevention curriculum. These results imply that vaping prevention education positively impacts students' knowledge of the effects of vaping. Recommendation: It is recommended that the school system continue to utilize the CATCH My Breath program and begin implementation in all eligible schools. Conclusion: Prevention is vital to controlling the vaping epidemic facing teens and young adults. Educational programs are a valuable prevention tool to address the youth vaping epidemic Keywords: "vaping," "vaping health risks," "vaping prevention," "vaping education for teens," and "e-cigarette screening tool"