ProQuest One Psychology

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Behrend, Dawn
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Counseling , Psychology
ProQuest One Psychology is an extensive aggregate of multiformat resources in psychology and counseling. The product brings together a wide range of content, source, and material types culled from multiple ProQuest platforms to offer the convenience of a single point of access for research in the discipline from the undergraduate to graduate levels. A hallmark feature of the ProQuest One Psychology is its ability to integrate with APA products, such as APA PsycInfo and APA PsycBooks, to which users have a subscription from ProQuest. Additional features that differentiate the product are the availability of Topic Pages and specialized search filters designed to enhance exploration and discovery of resources. Users will appreciate the intuitive ProQuest platform, along with the company’s proprietary eBook reader and video playback functionality. Institutions will benefit from customized pricing to allow for existing, overlapping ProQuest content in their collection. Limitations in currency of eBook holdings, minimal content in tests and measures, and the requirement to switch to APA products via the ProQuest platform for those with subscriptions on other platforms may detract from the product’s appeal. Those who prefer the APA platform and/or do not require resources outside of APA products may consider PsycNet as an alternative. EBSCO’s Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection may be of consideration for those primarily seeking a full-text journal database, although ProQuest Psychology One offers significantly more holdings of such journals in comparison. While there is much to recommend this product with its truly immense collection of resources, subscribers to ProQuest One Psychology will likely continue to require subscriptions to databases beyond those offered by ProQuest to provide their users with the most comprehensive resources possible.