The Difference Between Apgar Scores of Infants Born to Substance Abuse Positive Mothers versus Mothers Without Substance Abuse

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DeCosta, Samantha
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The purpose of this study determined there was a difference in Apgar scores at 1 and 5 minutes of those using substances and those not using substances. The study examined factors like maternal age, gestational age, and infant gender for their relationship to Apgar scores. A retrospective chart review of data from a labor and delivery unit at an acute care facility in western North Carolina was conducted. The findings showed no statistically significant difference (t=-1.425, p=.059) in 1-minute Apgar scores between infants exposed to substances during pregnancy and those not exposed. However, the 1-minute Apgar scores trended higher for infants not exposed to substances. Similarly, there was no statistically significant difference (t=.677, p=.099) in 5-minute Apgar scores between infants of mothers who used substances during pregnancy and those who did not use substances during pregnancy. One additional finding that was found was that mothers who were younger were more likely to use substances while mothers over the age of 30 were less likely to use substances.