Identification of Opioid Overdose Risk in Primary Care

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McNally, Charles
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Opioid , Respiratory Depression , Accidental Overdose , Assessment Tools , Protocols , Guidelines , Research Subject Categories::INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AREAS::Caring sciences::Nursing
Background: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates an average of 41 deaths per day resulting from opioid use. Identification of patients at risk of overdose or opioid induced respiratory depression (OIRD) is the primary modality of preventing opioid related deaths. Measures: This study is a quality improvement project of mixed design. Responses were gathered from participating providers and a chart review of qualifying patients. Intervention: To determine patient OIRD risk, physical assessors were identified in order to assess patients who met the inclusion criteria of the Risk Index for Overdose or Serious Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression (RIOSORD). Outcomes: The primary outcome measures were the level of satisfaction of providers who applied the RIOSORD tool. Secondary outcome measures were the identities of at-risk patients who were identified using the RIOSORD tool. Conclusions/Lessons Learned: Assessors were unanimous in their approval of the RIOSORD and several patients were identified as being at high risk of OIRD.