Bringing the Student's Life into the Classroom? Genesis, Scientific Status and Development of the »Lifeworld-oriented Didactics« for Children and Youth with Emotional, Social, and Behavioral Needs

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Painter, Janet
Broecher, Joachim
Siebert, Julie M.
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Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Education::International education , Student Behavior , Emotional Problems , Cultural Background , Experiential Learning
The model »Lifeworld-oriented Didactics« (in German: »Lebensweltorientierte Didaktik«) has been developed by Joachim Broecher, through his own educational practice as a classroom teacher during the 1990s while teaching in West Germany in both urban and rural specialized schools for children and youth with emotional, social, and behavioral needs. Active with participation and dialogue, this educational and didactic approach encourages the students to share their social, cultural and biographical experiences.