Length of Hospital Stay for Smokers and Nonsmokers

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Scott, Matthew
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This research investigates the impact of smoking on the length of hospital stays for cardiac surgical patients. The study is a retrospective chart review of 60 individuals equally divided between smokers and non-smokers. Contrary to some existing literature, the findings revealed no statistically significant difference in the length of hospital stays between the two groups (t = 0.886, p = 0.190). The average hospital stay for the entire sample was approximately 10 days, highlighting the complex nature of postoperative recovery. The study's limitations, including a small sample size and specific demographic characteristics, underscore the need for caution in generalizing these results. Recommendations for future research emphasize the importance of larger, more diverse samples, exploration of additional influencing factors, and including the changing landscape of smoking. This research underscores the complexity of surgical recovery and offers valuable insights to enhance nursing practice.