Caldwell County 2022 Community Health Assessment

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Jones, Hannah
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Research Subject Categories::MEDICINE::Social medicine::Public health medicine research areas::Public health science , Quality of Life , Health Priorities , North Carolina
The Community Health Assessment, also known as the CHA, is a North Carolina requirement of local county health departments. The CHA is implemented every four years by local health departments to identify, collect, analyze, and disseminate information about the community’s most pressing health problems to better improve the overall health and quality of life in the county. In 2022, Caldwell County began the process of their Community Health Assessment in collaboration with the Community Health Assessment Advisory Committee and various organizations in the county to start the collection of primary and secondary data. All primary and secondary data collected, discussed, and presented will allow for the progression of program implementation to address the top health priorities and evaluate current community resources to further improve the health of community members in Caldwell County. The assessment will undergo a reviewal process and will be submitted to the state and presented to the county commissioners in the spring of 2023.