Emotional and Social Geographies in Polish Literature: Spaces of Reflection and Transformation. Emotional and Social Learning through Literacy Education: Developing and Testing Materials for Schools, Universities and Self-Study in Transformational Projects

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Painter, Janet
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Abstract: Polish literature will be explored from the perspective of the three participating nations in its significance for pedagogical work with emotional and social themes, representative of other literatures that play a role in today's increasingly multicultural societies. This exploration is a further development of lifeworld (Lebenswelt)-oriented didactics and builds on earlier German-Polish projects during the Cold War. It addresses German-American scientific cooperation as well. The poster presents a selection of Polish literary works and illustrates how these selections can open learning spaces to emotional and social issues. the focus on life themes and techniques of existence of younger and older people in their living spaces is characteristic of lifeworld (Lebenswelt)-oriented didactics resulting in the creation of transitions into subject-oriented learning processes. Polish literature contains a wealth of emotionally and socially relevant topics that are suitable for linking subject-centered learning with curricular learning. The selection of literary texts within a school context requires attention to the target group and learning situation. The complexity of the content or the formal characteristics of a work in its entirety cannot be fully captured in a poster. However, a range of significant individual topics are provided on the poster with regard to emotional and social geographies.