Global Initiative of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease: Primary Care Integration

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Ramsey, Taylor L.
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COPD , GOLD , EBP , Quality Improvement , Research Subject Categories::INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH AREAS::Caring sciences::Nursing
Problem: COPD is a public health challenge and accounts for significant morbidity and mortality worldwide. Management of COPD in primary care is inconsistent and known factors are inconsistent use of COPD terminology, lack of standard diagnostic measurements, and poor patient assessment. Practice guidelines are updated annually based on the current evidence based (EB) research. However, only 25% of providers report adhering to guidelines. Intervention: A COPD template was developed with 3 major components of EB guidelines and implemented in a primary care setting (PCS). Methods: Descriptive statistics evaluated the percent of tool usage and intervention adherence by the provider, and assessed population demographics. Secondary outcomes were measured by chi-square analysis to evaluate for a correlation between the number of pharmacological treatment that met GOLD recommendations and if pharmacological treatment could be changed based on symptom assessment and exacerbation history. Findings: The COPD tool was successfully implemented in a PCS at 100%. There was an association between current medications that met GOLD recommendations and if medications could be changed. Conclusion: This quality improvement project provided a simple process using GOLD recommendations for COPD management in the PCS. The project is sustainable due to its simple assessment process.