Recent Submissions

  • Traces: An Oral History of Lenoir-Rhyne College 

    Oral History Class of 1977 (Lenoir-Rhyne College); Adams, David M.; Bobak, Rodney John; Bright, Jeffrey A.; Gryder, William D.; Huff, Dr. Carolyn; James, Joanna; Miller, Billie J.; Miller, Donald A.; Partridge, Debby; Troutman, Barbra; Williams, Katha; Wray, JoAnne (1977)
    Excerpted from the Introduction: "This oral history study of Lenoir-Rhyne College’s past was the result of a number of fortunate circumstances. First, the History Department, after joining the North Carolina Institute of ...
  • Catalogue of Lenoir College, Hickory, North Carolina. 1891-1892. 

    Unknown author (1892)
    This college catalogue is one of the earliest--and possibly the very earliest--catalogue for what is now known as Lenoir-Rhyne University (founded 1891). It names the trustees, faculty, and students at "Lenoir College" and ...
  • Lenoir-Rhyne Bands: Ninety Years of Distinction 

    Michaels, Henry ([The Author], 2012)
    "Lenoir-Rhyne Bands" is a history of music programs at Lenoir-Rhyne University from the days of the first ensemble, the Oakview Orchestra (1907-1908), to the time of publication (2012). Source: Rudisill Library Special ...