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    SAGE Video: Counseling & Psychotherapy
    (2023-07) Behrend, Dawn
    SAGE Video: Counseling & Psychotherapy from Sage Publications Inc. is a collection of over 130 hours of streaming video focused on topics to provide educational training to prepare students entering the mental health profession. With a large portion of the collection being proprietary in nature and published within the past 10 years, users will find stable access to relatively current videos. Users will appreciate the flexibility to either purchase or subscribe to the collection in its entirety. The Sage Knowledge platform is intuitive, and the playback functionality of videos and the value-added features such as video clipping, creating playlists, and downloading and citing transcripts are user-friendly. Nearly half, but not all, of the collection provides psychotherapy demonstrations. Those who would like a product dedicated to psychotherapy demonstrations, particularly with well-known master therapists, may find or APA PsycTherapy to be more suitable. In particular, users who would like the option to earn continuing education credits along with expanded choices for customized packages of selected videos may find to be a preferred option. In comparison, APA PsycTherapy may be of interest to academic users seeking a range of available platforms along with a more robust collection of psychotherapy demonstration videos
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    National Council on Aging
    (2023-04) Behrend, Dawn
    The National Council on Aging (NCOA) is a nonprofit organization seeking to “improve the lives of millions of older adults, especially those who are struggling.” This review provides an overview of the website content and applicability for academic librarians.
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    Distinguishing Depression from Burnout: Implications for Impactful Interventions for Long-Term Improvement
    (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2022) Behrend, Dawn
    Abstract: Burnout is typified by a sense of exhaustion, cynicism, and lack of professional efficacy that occurs pursuant to an individual experiencing prolonged stress and a perceived inability to meet the demands of their job over time. Burnout can be difficult to differentiate from clinical depression, and fear of stigma from disclosing a mental illness in academia can be a potential barrier to seeking necessary interventions. However, correctly identifying and providing the appropriate interventions to manage burnout versus depression can have a significant impact on the well-being of both the individual and their work organization. This chapter explores the manifestation of burnout in academic librarians, ways in which librarians can better determine if they are experiencing burnout or depression, recommended interventions based upon this distinction, and reasons why making this determination is so critical for both librarians and librarianship.
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    CINAHL Ultimate
    (The Charleston Advisor, 2022-11-15) Behrend, Dawn
    The Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) Ultimate is a subscription aggregate health and allied health sciences database available exclusively from EBSCO. CINAHL Ultimate is the premier product in a lineup of five tiered versions including CINAHL; CINAHL with Full Text; CINAHL Plus with Full Text; and CINAHL Complete. The database is widely used by educators, students, researchers, and practitioners. CINAHL Ultimate is valued for its substantial indexing of publications core to the nursing and allied health field, use of the MeSH structure for subject headings, and numerous options for advanced searching specific to the needs of the health sciences. The collection indexes over 3,800 journals beginning in 1937, with 925 being offered full-text from non-open access journals and with a substantial number with no embargo. In particular, the amount of full-text, peer reviewed journals with no embargo available from non-open access sources is a significant upgrade from CINAHL Complete, and one that may very likely justify the additional investment. Value-added features include accredited continuing education modules, evidence-based care sheets, and quick lessons. With contributing publishers from 73 countries, the majority hail from the United States and the United Kingdom. Some potential drawbacks for those considering CINAHL Ultimate may be the lack of video-based continuing education content, source material beyond academic journals, and limited emphasis on international perspectives that may be more evident in competitors such as ProQuest’s Nursing & Allied Health Premium or MEDLINE Ultimate.
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    National Alliance on Mental Illness
    (2022-03) Behrend, Dawn
    A review of the National Alliance on Mental Illness website for academic librarians.